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Almond Bark Fragrance Oil FP-200
The luscious blend of fruit, nuts, and chocolate in this Almond Bark Fragrance Oil is sure to create a tempting treat.
Price: $1.75
Banana Blast Fragrance Oil Phthalate-free FP-118
Banana Blast Fragrance Oil delivers a real ripe banana fragrance.  A wonderful strong banana fragrance that works great on its own, or use it as a blend to make up many new great fruit blends.
Price: $1.75
Citrus Cooler Fragrance Oil FP-148
Our Citrus Cooler Fragrance Oil is a super strong oil that smells exactly like a refreshing citrus cooler drink. It is perfect for making all types of products with. Super strong lemon twist with a mouth watering smell.
Price: $1.75
Citrus Peach Fragrance Oil FP-155
You'll find a wonderful, sparkling citrus blend balanced with orchard fruit in this Citrus Peach scent. Orange, lemon, and traces of lime lead to a fruity heart of ripe peach as hints of green apple fortify the fruity tones.
Price: $1.75
Coco Beachbaby Peach Fragrance Oil FP-200 HCS Collection
Coco BeachBaby Peach fragrance oil with a natural smell of creamy coconut milk and fresh peaches with hints of apricot, sweet fig, apples and oranges; a soft milky floral and a delicate musky endnote.
Price: $1.75
Cool Citrus Basil Fragrance Oil Type BBW FP-200 HCS Collection
Our Cool Citrus Basil Fragrance Oil has a truly excellent fragrance! The basil comes out in a wonderful way, not too strong. Great stuff! 
Price: $1.75
Cucumber Melon Fragrance Oil Type BBW FP200 HCS Collection
Our Cucumber Melon Fragrance Oil delivers a sweet honeydew cucumber melon scent, with notes of crisp green cucumber, vine ripened melon and sweet notes of casaba blossoms and earthy musk.
Price: $1.75
Daisy Bouquet Fragrance Oil FP-200
Our fresh, delicate, floral fantasy Daisy Bouquet Fragrance Oil opens with leafy green accents that create a natural sensation. A bouquet of lily, jasmine, rose, and violet sparkles with fruity tones for a light, clean, floral heart.
Price: $1.75
Egyptian Nectar Fragrance Oil FP-200
Egyptian Nectar Fragrance Oil combines sweet patchouli & sweet golden honey, and blended with several different oils that are a mainstay of Egypt’s finest fragrances.
Price: $1.75
Eternal Love Ed Hardy Type Fragrance Oil FP-200
Our Eternal Love Ed Hardy Type Fragrance Oil delivers an explosion of fruits, opening accent including Tropical Mango, Wild Strawberries and Ruby Red Grapefruit vintage floralcy with a Rock'n Roll Edge brings a dark eeriness including Black Freesia.
Price: $1.75
Fresh Peaches Fragrance Oil FP-200
Imagine yourself standing in a peach orchard at the peak of harvesting time with tons of ripe juicy peaches all around you at your fingertips. We've had this Fresh Peaches Fragrance Oil made especially strong and there are no others like it on the market today.
Price: $1.75
Fruit Punch Explosion Fragrance Oil FP-152
Our Fruit Punch Explosion Fragrance Oil is another super strong one with fresh orange, lime and citrus bubbly notes. Top it off with prominent cherry and wonderful blend of berries, vanilla and light green notes.
Price: $1.75
Hearts and Daggers Ed Hardy Type Fragrance Oil FP-200
Our Hearts & Daggers Ed Hardy Type Fragrance Oil is an edgy and trendy fruity floral. It’s bright and fresh, yet abstract, with apple-dominated fruits accords, lovely florals in the heart, and a clean, pale base of woods.
Price: $1.75
L.A.M.B. Gwen Stefani Type Fragrance Oil FP-200
Our popular Lamb by Gwen Stefani Fragrance Oil has notes like "sparkling green freshness" and "leafy water hyacinth" with additional notes of freesia, pear, violet leaves, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, sweet pea, orange blossom, frangipani blossom, peach skin, heliotrope and musk.
Price: $1.75
Lemon Sugar Fragrance Oil FP-200
Sweet sugar and a touch of lemon will make your mouth water with our Lemon Sugar Fragrance Oil. This special blend has become a best seller.
Price: $1.75
Lime Margarita Gellie Fragrance Oil FP-180 HCS Collection
Lime Margarita Gellie FP-180 HCS Collection Fragrance Oil is formulated especially for gels, yet skin safe. A citrus explosion featuring Mexican lime, a splash of lemon, grapefruit and orange and a delicate, floral minty background.
Price: $1.75
Linden Blossom Fragrance Oil FP-200 HCS Collection
Linden Blossom Fragrance Oil HCS Collection is a fresh blooming linden tree type with soft muquet top-notes, creamy honeysuckle, carnation middle-notes, and a soft natural musky sweet base-note. Described by one customer as an intimate "sensual" fragrance!
Price: $1.75
Lotus Blossom Fragrance Oil FP-200 HCS Collection
Lotus Blossom Fragrance Oil HCS Collection is a wonderfully soft, exotic floral with definite green undertones. LUSCIOUS!!!!!
Price: $1.75
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