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Incense and Oil Burner with Hand-blown Glass P-21

Incense and Oil Burner with Hand-blown Glass P-21

Incense and Oil Burner with Hand-blown Glass, Very unique & beautiful! Made in Egypt.
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Product Description:

Incense and Oil Burner with Hand-blown Glass, 8.5 inches high (model P-21).  Very unique & beautiful!  All glass is much more beautiful than what the picture shows.

Does not include candles or oil.  For use as a oil burner, place your oil in the upper portion in the round receptacle and place in overhead holder and put tea light in the bowl section and light tea light. For incense, put cone incense in the round bowl section and light cone incense.

All of our glass is hand blown by our gifted Egyptian artizans and glass blowers. These products are the finest blown glass in the market today.  Treat yourself to a delicate and perfect affordable bottle now. You can order your favorite skin safe oils to go along with the perfume bottle.  We will ship the fragrance oil in a separate bottle and then when your package arrives, just pour your fragrance oil into the perfume bottle, and you're ready to apply your fragrance!  Enjoy!

Available colors:
Red, Golden Yellow, Violet and Blue.

8.5 inches high x 5 inches diameter.

Note: please leave your color choice preference in the "Enter color preference:" box above. If no color is noted then we will pick out a very nice one of our choice for you. If we happen to be out of your choice please make a 2nd & 3rd color choice in the comment section.

Does not include candles or oils.  Please visit the links below to view our selection of candles and oils:

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