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24 Hour Linen Air Freshener Spray 4 ounce size

Price: $13.00
Body Spray 2 ounce Bottle

Price: $8.00
Hand Cleaner Waterless No rinse Anti-Bacterial

Price: $4.00
Heart Shaped Pillar Candles

Price: $7.00

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Body Spray 1 ounce Bottle

Price: $5.50
Body Spray 2 ounce Bottle

Price: $8.00
Body Spray 4 ounce Bottle

Price: $13.00

About Candles of The Earth Fragrance Oils & Supplies

Thank you for visiting Candles of the Earth Fragrance Oils & Supplies.

Candles of the Earth Fragrance Oils & Supplies is dedicated to bring the highest quality products available to everyone whether you are a chandler, soaper, hobbyist, or full time business. We have a wonderful line of uncut fragrance oils and supplies as well as ready-made products.

Many of you know me and that I have been in the business for several years. The business has been built based on the utmost honesty, good business practices and fast customer service/shipping. We have been hard at work testing and qualifying fragrance oils and other products over the years to make sure they are the best they can be and work in most all applications.

We also have a large selection our own signature line of CANDLES OF THE EARTH FRAGRANCE OILS & SUPPLIES fragrance oils. They are all best sellers and will certainly help with your bottom line! Try some today!

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